Who will win RetailWire’s Christmas Commercial Challenge for 2021? We presented twelve commercials from retailers around the world in the run up to the holiday and six remain in contention.

Those in the running for your vote include:

Etsy’s “Give more than a gift,” won in a runaway contest last week against Amazon.com with 88 percent of the vote.

Chewy’s “Celebrate the holiday moments,” was the clear winner with 59 percent of votes tallied in a match up against pet-centered spots from L.L. Bean, Petco and PetSmart.

Two spots from SuperValu in Ireland and Bol.com from the Netherlands offered starkly different takes on the Christmas spirit and RetailWire’s voters were split 50/50 on which was the most effective.

Meijer and Publix both went for the heartstrings in their matchup, but it was the former that emerged the clear winner with 61 percent of the votes cast for its “Warmest wishes from our family to yours” spot.

Macy’s won the first challenge of the year with its “Tiptoe and the Flying Machine” commercial, besting a spot from Kohl’s by 20 percent.


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