Long time fans of Sex & The City were not the only ones shocked by the premature death of the Mr. Big character, played by Chris Noth, in the first episode of the new sequel series, And Just Like That. The death also rattled Peloton shareholders as the exercise bike’s flagship product played a role in the character’s fatal on-screen heart attack. But the brand moved quickly and creatively to address the issue.

In response to Mr. Big’s on-screen death, Peloton brought on Chris Noth to again reprise his Mr. Big role, this time in an ad spot, CNN Business reported. Noth plays opposite Peloton instructor Jess King, who portrayed Big’s Peloton instructor in the controversial episode. The two discuss taking another ride on a Peloton bike, before celebrity Peloton fan Ryan Reynolds, in voiceover, touts the benefits of cycling and assures fans that Mr. Big is still alive.

While Peloton was aware that their bike and brand would appear in the episode, HBO did not inform them that the piece of equipment would be used as the setup for a character’s death, according to Buzzfeed News

Peloton, which was founded in 2012, has experienced a few years of rather dramatic ups and downs.

In 2019, the company’s stock saw a massive drop after the brand’s Christmas advertisement became a source of viral outrage, with some critics finding demeaning undertones in the commercial’s plot. During that public relations flap, Ryan Reynolds stepped up to defend the brand. The actor, who owns Aviation Gin, created an Aviation commercial parodying the controversy.

Then in 2020, the brand enjoyed a 172 percent surge in sales as the pandemic incentivized customers to seek at-home fitness solutions, CNN Business reported.

This year, however, Peloton’s brand value dropped again amid concerns about an issue far more grave than a viral PR gaffe.

One death and dozens of injuries were attributed to the Peloton Tread+ bike, according to CNBC. Peloton initially shot down the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s suggestion that it recall the bike, before reconsidering and issuing a recall in May.


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