GREENVILLE, S.C., April 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Kingdom Winds, a start-up platform for Christian creatives, plans an all-day, kick-off event entitled “Catch the Wind” to be held on April 28, 2018 in beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina.

Catch the Wind is designed to encourage, equip, and inspire authors, artists, musicians, and ministries called by God to create and advance the Kingdom. “We have put together an invigorating day of worship, relevant teaching, practical instruction, and prayer to empower, inspire, and unleash Christian creatives to prosperously pursue their calling,” explained Elizabeth Suess, Kingdom Winds Co-Founder.

“This event is in complete lock-step with our overall mission,” added Gary Suess, President and Co-Founder. “Kingdom Winds, which we are about to officially launch, is truly a groundbreaking platform designed to expand the reach, influence, and success of Christian creatives and ministries.”

At the heart of Kingdom Winds is a Christian multi-media digital publishing and marketplace platform featuring content and works created by the Kingdom Winds Collective—a formal alliance of authors, artists, musicians, videographers, podcast producers, and ministries. Surrounding the core enterprise will be support services such as publishing, marketing, web design, consulting, and event management.

“We are tremendously excited about Kingdom Winds, as well as the opportunity to share details and celebrate its launch with creatives possessing a similar passion on their hearts,” added Elizabeth. Among the cast of talented speakers at Catch the Wind are Gary Wilson of WP Films and Co-Creator of “God and Creativity” and former Elevation Church Youth Pastor, Chris Allen.

More information and tickets are available at, including ticket bundles and a discounted student price of $19. As an added welcome, Kingdom Winds has announced a special promotion, offering a ticket refund to anyone who joins the Kingdom Winds Collective.

Kingdom Winds has recently launched to provide more information about Kingdom Winds, Kingdom Winds Collective, and Catch the Wind, including how to join and register for the event. The official multimedia, digital publishing and marketplace platform launch is expected within the next couple weeks.

Kingdom Winds LLC, based in Greenville, South Carolina, is a multifaceted start-up enterprise dedicated to empower, support, and propel Christian creatives and ministries. At the core is, our innovative digital platform that integrates rich content with an Amazon-style marketplace to showcase works of the Kingdom Winds Collective—a formal alliance of Christian authors, artists, musicians, podcast producers, filmmakers, and ministries. We surround this with Kingdom-focused service offerings, including publishing, marketing, web design, event management, and consulting. Our mission is to advance the Kingdom through the power of alliance, value-added support, and providing a platform to expand reach, influence, and success.