This week is the National Association of Broadcasters NAB conference/tradeshow in Las Vegas. Broadcasters from all around the country and technology companies converge to showcase new products and services for the industry. We will be monitoring the coverage and will bring you some highlights from the show that will be interesting to the church and non-profit industries we serve.

For more information about the event you can visit

This is the year of NDI we plan on doing a segment on NDI in an upcoming video podcast. NDI is a great method to transport video over a standard ethernet network. This is a game changer in the church and non-profit sectors as it allows less cabling and less expense when adding cameras to your production as well as moving video from one place to another on your network.

One of the biggest announcements for those creating content using tools like Skype is the announcement coming from Microsoft.

In a future update to Skype will be a new mode in which content creators can use to get a clean NDI feed of each person in a skype call. Not exactly sure about all the details yet but we are watching this very closely and will be providing more updates once we get a clear picture on how this will impact out Tech Merge audience.

Read the announcement from Microsoft

This year we are seeing a ton of new NDI based cameras here is some information from Marshall.

Marshall releases PTZ camera for NewTek NDI

Read information about Marshall’s new NDI PTZ camera.

JVC announced a new 4k low cost video camera the JVC GY-HM180 Ultra HD 4K Camcorder

At $1,795.00 this camera brings high quality 4k video at a price that is affortable to the mid and larger sized Churches.

The JVC GY-HM180 Ultra HD 4K Camcorder packs multiple pro features into its compact form, with updates including a 3G-SDI output in addition to an HDMI out. Its single 1/2.3″ 12.4MP CMOS sensor captures UHD 4K images in 24 or 30p, at bit rates of 150 or 70 Mb/s, Full HD up to 60p/50 Mb/s, and HD up to 120 fps for smooth slow motion. The 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs can be used to feed and trigger an external recorder. Viewing options include a 3.5″ LCD display, a 0.24 color viewfinder, and a smart focus-assist function.

Additional features include hot-swappable dual SDHC/SDXC card slots, two internal ND filters, and a histogram display. Pro-style audio features include 2-channel XLR audio inputs and a built-in stereo mic. Capture options include recording 1080p up to 60 fps in a 4:2:2, 50 Mb/s .MOV file, or in AVCHD for compatibility with a variety of HD/SD formats and editing systems

More information about this camera should be available soon.

AJA releases new 4 input HDMI PCI-e x16 capture card the KONA® HDMI. This will allow you to connect 4 cameras using HDMI with one capture card and slot on your computer.

List price is $895 USD allows for four HDMI input sources on a single PCI-e X16 card.

More information

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